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"From romantic dinners to intimate weddings - the right food is so important. I create beautiful, delicious food to enchant your senses and bring you joy on your special occasion. If it makes you happy, it makes me happy."

Chef Arup


Private Dining

A restaurant-at-home experience.

No taxis. No babysitters.

No cooking. No washing up.

Perfect for birthdays, parties and intimate celebrations.


Event Catering

Large and small events.

Weddings, corporate launches,

supper clubs, popups

“An excellent meal.

Arup Dasgupta gave us a real treat - balancing flavours, textures and colours to make a truly memorable meal.


The attention to detail and the unexpected but delightful exotic touches were superb.


He was also charming and explained his dishes with true passion.”

— Mark N., Private Dining guest


“The food was absolutely beautiful
and the flavours matched how
aesthetically stunning

each plate was.

Watching Arup Dasgupta work was a highlight of the evening for me. The way he arranged the food to the care taken with each plate was
mesmerising. I could have watched
him cook for hours!”

Sisley White, food blogger

Meet the Chef

Chef Arup

Breaking stereotypes

I love food. I love cooking it, I love eating it & I love sharing my joy in it with other people. I have spent over 25 years travelling the world, cooking in some of the finest Western & Indian restaurants.


My first introduction to the power of flavours & spices came from my mother who is a master of traditional Bengali food. I'd love to say I helped her cook as a child but really, I was too busy eating! Later I studied catering and learned the basics of classic Western & Indian cuisine. After college, I worked in 5-star hotels in Delhi, learning from the best in the business.


Then wanderlust struck. I moved to Kuwait City to head a fine dining restaurant. Three years later, having explored the nuances of Middle Eastern food, I moved to the culinary capital of the world - France. I went to university there but the real learning happened under the tutelage of Chef Gille Dauteille, head of Le Vieux Castillon, at that time a Michelin-starred restaurant. From him I learnt that the eyes are almost as important as the mouth in fine dining. Flavours are paramount but a beautiful plate of food makes your heart sing.


Next, I opened a fine dining Indian restaurant - Le Indien - on the French Riviera where I combined Indian flavours with French presentation to create beautiful, sophisticated & delicious food. In 2016, I was headhunted by luxury hotel, The Lalit, London. to produce stunning & innovative Indian food for Bollywood film stars, business magnates, and politicians, including the Mayor of London.


In 2018, I started Euphoria by Chef Arup with a desire to bring fine food to diners in the comfort of their own homes. As a private chef, I relish the creativity and freedom I have to create the perfect menu to amaze & delight my diners. Whether you have grown up with these foods or you have never experienced them before, expect flavours from all corners of India and every corner of the world to be brought to you.

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