"My style is hugely influenced by nature. I love seasonality, which is very unusual in Indian cuisine… fabulously fresh British asparagus in the Spring; succulently rich game in the Autumn… it would be foolish not to use it to our advantage. It’s what keeps me going and why I love cooking."

Chef Arup


Meet the Chef

Chef Arup

Breaking stereotypes

Chef Arup loves food. He loves cooking it, he loves eating it & he loves sharing his joy in it with other people. He describes himself as a wanderer & culinary sponge. Loving to travel & develop his craft, he has spent over 20 years travelling the world, cooking in some of the finest Western & Indian restaurants.


Arup first developed his passion for flavours & spices while helping his mother cook traditional Bengali food. Later he studied catering, learning the basics of classic Western & Indian cuisine. He then moved to Delhi, the vibrant capital of India, where he worked in 5-star hotels, learning from the best in the business.


When wanderlust struck, Arup moved to Kuwait City to head a fine dining restaurant. After 3 years, he went to do a Master’s degree in France. While there, he worked at Le Vieux Castillon, a 1 star Michelin restaurant where he excelled under the tutelage of Chef Gille Dauteille.


Next, he opened a fine dining Indian restaurant - Le Indien - on the French Riviera. There he combined Indian flavours with French presentation to create beautiful, sophisticated & delicious food. 


Arup's next stop was the UK, where he has spent 11 years as Executive Chef at various great hotels producing high class Modern European food. In 2016, luxury hotel, The Lalit, London sought him out to produce stunningly beautiful & innovative Indian food for Bollywood film stars, business magnates, and politicians including the Mayor of London.


In his new avatar as a private chef, Arup relishes the creativity and freedom he has to create the perfect menu to amaze & delight his diners.

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